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About Me

I'm a fresh front-end coding convert who has a New Zealand accent and lives in Toronto. I made my way into tech via almost a decade of elementary teaching experience & my various leadership roles in edutech.

Between the permanent move across the Pacific and this exciting career pivot into tech, I have grit & tenacity pouring out of my pockets.

It's my passion for human connection and the empowerment of under-resourced communities that fuels me to build efficient and intuitive sites.


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Sass

  • Responsive Design

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • React

  • Accessibility

  • RESTful APIs

  • Firebase

  • Terminal & Git

  • Creative Cloud


Mockup of the WriteOn app as displayed on a Macbook Air & an iPad.


The client brief for this project was to create a quiet place for users to develop a writing practice. It features a dark mode toggle to foster focus and an optional globally communal daily writing prompt. Users can submit their own prompt ideas to the database too. Writers can develop their practice by setting a goal timer which congratulates them when they achieve their goal. Made with Andrew Campbell, Amy Bradford & Glen San Jose.

  • skills included: git branching
  • skills included: react
  • skills included: firebase


This mental health app encourages users to track & celebrate the small achievements that often go unnoticed. The user enters their own indentifier for each day and three littlewins. On submit, this group of four user inputs is pushed to firebase & is rendered on the page as a list. Users are able to add and delete lists at their leisure.

  • skills included: react
  • skills included: firebase
  • skills included: responsive design.
Mockup of the littleWins app as displayed on a Mac Monitor & an iPhone.
Mockup of May The Forest Be With You app as displayed on a Macbook Air and an iPhone.

May The Forest Be With You

This app teaches the you about native trees of the Canadian Provinces. It takes a user selection value and dynamically passes it to the API URL, then displays a selection of random trees from that provience. If the user clicks on an image they are able to see the scientific name of that plant. Made with Michael Campbell.

  • skills included: vanilla JavaScript
  • skills included: using a restful A P I
  • skills included: Sass

Boat Ride Adventures

This multi-page site is full bleed and fully responsive. It is made from a PSD supplied by the 'client' and fetures a blog and a contact page. Made with Fernanda Thiesen.

  • skills included: Sass.
  • skills included: responsiveDesignIcon.
  • skills included: Accessibility best practise.
Mockup of the Boat Ride Adventures app as displayed on a Macbook monitor and an iPad.

Works in progress...

Mockup of Monster Squad App as displayed on a Macbook Air
Monster Squad

This app uses jQuery to traverse the D&D API and filter Monsters by challenge rating.

  • skills included: javaScript.
  • skills included: HTML.
  • skills included: css.
Mockup of thought that counts app as displayed on a Macbook Air
Thought That Counts

This app uses a simple jQuery onClick toggle to help users keep track of gift ideas.

  • skills included: jQuery.
  • skills included: HTML.
  • skills included: css.

Always Learning...

I'm solidifying & brushing up on my JavaScript skills with Wes Bos JS30

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Collage self portrait of Beatrice Duncan working in her home-office.


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